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Sheryl Crow Granted 3-Year Restraining Order Against Man Who Threatened Her Via Facebook

Threats made against Sheryl Crow by a man on Facebook are not being taken lightly.

A three-year extension has been granted on a restraining order first obtained in July against Phillip Gordon Sparks, a man who wrote on his Facebook page he was going to shoot Crow.

In an hour-long hearing at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, which was not attended by Crow, Sparks claimed the “Soak Up The Sun” singer along with movie producer Harvey Weinstein, stole $7.5 million from him. He also told the court the pair videotaped and followed him without permission and were the reason he was homeless.

Sparks told the court he made these claims because he was frustrated that they stole from him and believed they were still following him.

The forensic psychiatrist, Dr. David Glaser, who interviewed Sparks recently called him “imminently dangerous” and said “his psychosis is directed intently at Crow.”

During the hearing, Glaser testified saying, “Mr. Sparks is unambiguously delusional.”

Superior Court Judge James Hahn ordered Sparks stay 300 yards away from both Crow and Weinstein and make no attempt to contact them.

Crow has yet to comment on the verdict.

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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